Keep Track of Your Open-Source Software with Confidence

OSS Consultants is a full-service consultancy that combines unique open-source expertise,
licensing compliance proficiency, and seamless collaboration to help you efficiently
manage all of your open-source software and lower your security and legal risks.

Find out how

Open-Source Management Excellence 

OSS Consultants works with companies of all sizes to understand the risks of using open-source software and defines a management strategy to address them. Benefits to working
with us include:

  • Identifying your open-source inventory to understand your licensing obligations
  • Tracking the use of open-source software to uncover vulnerabilities
  • Developing a strategy to reduce the risks associated with use of open-source software
  • Managing licensing requirements to avoid potential litigation
  • Defining simplified processes to manage future use of open-source software

Discover Your Open-Source Blindspots

Most businesses are aware of less than 10% of their OSS use. To ensure you’re fully covered with all the software you depend on, OSS Consultants can help you maintain an updated record of your open-source software inventory, develop compliance strategies to ensure
you have minimal legal risks, and understand exactly where and what software vulnerabilities need patching.

Our Services


Collaborate with experts to define and implement an in-house OSPO that’s aligned with your software development goals.


Benefit from our team providing your ongoing scans, audits, and reports that can be seamlessly integrated into your software development processes

Guided Consultation

Receive tailored, experienced guidance to help you navigate any stage of your open-source initiatives


Ensure the integrity of your software with thorough scans and audits


Develop SBOMs for your products to ensure they meet customer requirements, industry standards, and government regulations.


Attain and maintain compliance with OpenChain ISO 5230 and ISO DIS 18974